Active Comics



The story of a young Afghan migrant, with refelctions on borders, Calais Migrant Solidarity and Anti- Raids action. Republished by Active in an A4 large format. This is another Carrie Mackinnon production. Second Edition 2020. Printed in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-20-5 Cover Price £3


The Active Publishing edition of this wonderful graphic looks at the relationship between humans and animals. This was originally printed on a risograph by Footprint in Leeds, UK. This version is in A4 format and was printed offset-litho in Croatia in May 2020. ISBN 978-1-909798-27- 4 Cover Price £4

Morgenmuffel Comp 2-10

Morgenmuffel Compilation 2 – 10

This is a best of the Brighton (no more!) based comic zine that tell the stories that make up Isy’s adventurous life. Published in the same handmade DIY style as the zine itself.

Wonderful Copenhagen

Wonderfull Copenhagen

An Epilogue for Humankind! A post-apocalyptic tale about how The War on Terror ended, set in the abandoned Metropolis of Copenhagen. Full colour comic we published the English language version as a benefit for Haven Books to Prisoners Distribution. Printed by Calverts Co-op in Hackney. ISBN 978-1-909798-00-7 Cover Price £8