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Abolish Rest red

Abolish Restaurants

Abolish Restaurants is an illustrated guide to the daily misery, stress, boredom, and alienation of restaurant work, as well as the ways in which restaurant workers fight against it. This is the third version we have printed of this pamphlet. The first two were done DIY on our Risograph machine, it is now printed for us offset litho in Croatia. The original pamphlet is from Worker Prole who happily endorsed our reprinting of their creation.



The story of a young Afghan migrant, with refelctions on borders, Calais Migrant Solidarity and Anti- Raids action. Republished by Active in an A4 large format. This is another Carrie Mackinnon production. Printed in Croatia. Cover price £3

Anarchism vs Primitivism.indd

Anarchism vs. Primitivism

This important pamphlet looks closely at the fundamental conflicts between anarchism and primitivism. This is one of our DIY publications printed on our Risograph, collated on our floor and stapled on our kitchen table! Cover price £1

Anarchy and Alcohol

Anarchy and Alcohol

Wasted Indeed How the Fiends Came to be Civilised, Addiction Culture, Strategies for Sobriety, Civilisation and Booze. A Crimethinc pamphlet reprinted by us. Now only available as an A6 pocketbook size.

Animal Lib and Social Rev

Animal Liberation and Social Revolution.

Animal Liberation and Social Revolution A Vegan Perspective on Anarchism, or an Anarchist Perspective on Veganism Written by Brian Dominick.  Printed, collated and stapled by Active volunteers. Now only available as an A6 pocketbook size.  Now available in pocket book size.



The Active Publishing edition of this wonderful graphic look at the relationship between humans and animals. This was originally printed on Risographs by Footprint in Leeds, this version was printed offset-litho in Croatia.

Bakabush 2

Claire Gibson’s delightful vegan cook zine returns with an even better second volume. An A5 big pamphlet from Active. Printed in Croatia. Cover price £3 No longer available.

Backwoods 1

Backwoods *1

“Backwoods has a focus on trying to live according to anti-civilization values here and now, with a suggested praxis of “desertion, autarky, and reinhabitation” – that is, withdrawing from civilization materially and psychically as much as is practical and possible; learning how to meet one’s needs through foraging, horticulture, and small-group networks; and developing intimacy with one’s landbase.”. An A5 US based pamphlet reprinted for Europe by Active. Cover price £2

Bakunin Brand Vodka: Anarchism and Early Punk (1976-1980)

Punk and anarchism are inextricably linked; the connection is clear in the anarchistic rhetoric, ethics, and practices of punk, and in the huge numbers of anarchist activists politicised through punk culture. This zine looks back to ‘early punk’ (arbitrarily taken as 1976-1980), to identify the emergence of the anarchistic threads that run right through punk, and which continue to shape its contemporary global spread. Cover Price = £1.50

Calais 9, Freedom of Movement…

A booklet about the Calais No Border Camp, about solidarity with those without papers (Id), analysis, articles and news of action.


Challenging Ideas On Human-Nohuman Relations

A new pamphlet that discusses the importance of transforming ideas on human-nonhuman relations. Printed, collated and stapled by Active volunteers.

Defending Veganism

Defending Veganism, Defending Animal Rights

“Veganism has come under attack from all sorts of groups. The one that baffles me the most is the anti- vegan left. Why on earth would leftists and anarchists be opposed to veganism given that it relates to one of the most pressing social justice issues of our time: animal rights?” Gerfried Ambrosch puts the case for veganism.  An A5 pamphlet. Printed in Croatia. Cover price £1

Experiment of west Kurdjpg

The Experiment of West Kurdistan

An interesting report by Zaher Baher of Haringey Solidarity Group and Kurdistan Anarchists Forum who spent two weeks in Syrian Kurdistan, looking at the experiences of self-government in the region against the background of the Syrian civil war and rise of Islamic State.  An A5 pamphlet. Printed in Croatia. Cover price £1


Grime and Nourishment

The original “squatter style” bumper vegan cookbook zine, long out of print, we reprinted it to help pay off the 56A Infoshop debts. No longer available.

Listen Anarchist

Listen Anarchist by Chaz Bufe

Mr See Sharpe Press passionately suggests reasons why anarchism has not “caught on” as he believes if should have. An A5 pamphlet, Printed in Croatia. Cover price £1

Morgenmuffel Comp 2-10

Morgenmuffel Compilation 2 – 10

This is a best of the Brighton (no more!) based comic zine that tell the stories that make up Isy’s adventurous life. Published in the same handmade DIY style as the zine itself.


‘Nailing Descartes to the Wall’

Animal Rights , veganism and punk culture by L.Tilburger and C.Kale. This zine examines the frequent overlap between punk culture and animal rights activism/vegan consumption habits. Printed, collated and stapled by Active volunteers. Now only available as an A6 pocketbook size.

On the Poverty of Student Life

On the Poverty of Student life

A classic document from the Paris May 68 era by The Situationist international. Printed, collated and stapled by Active volunteers.

Punk Polish Squats

Punk and Anarchist Squats in Poland by Juanita Morsque-Watts

The zine begins by laying out the connections between anarchism and squatting (and also legally rented ‘social centres’), before moving on to look at how these relationships play out in the context of Poland. Tensions around diverging tactics and approaches between squats are examined, as well as issues around repression of squats through eviction and legalisation. An A5 pamphlet. Printed in Croatia. Cover price £1.50


Reich, How to Use.

Jean-Pierre Voyer’s Reich, mode d’emploi was published as a pamphlet and a poster by Champ Libre (Paris, 1971) and was translated by Ken Knabb in 1973.  A two page A5 pamphlet printed by Active volunteers. 10pence

Shariah punk

 Shariah don’t like it …?’ Punk and religion in Indonesia by Howard Zindiq

An A5 pamphlet in our series of academic analysis of the influence of punk in a variety of arenas. Printed in Croatia. Cover price £1.50


Street Art and Revolution

A brief look at the political influence of street art. Originally self published by the author we now keep this available. Printed in Croatia. Cover Price £1. Now only available as an A6 pocketbook size.

Tarnac Affair

Tarnac Affair

A collaborative pamphlet from Active and Unseen Hands, with text taken from Not Bored about the Tarnac campaign in France. Printed, collated and stapled by Active volunteers.

Boy Scouts Guide

The Boy Scout’s Guide to the Situationist International

The Effect The S.I. Had On Paris ’68 And All That, Through The Angry Brigade And King Mob To The Sex Pistols. Printed, collated and stapled by Active volunteers.  Now available as a pocket book

Decline and Fall

The Decline and Fall of the “Spectacular Commodity-Economy”.

Another classic ’68 text reprinted by Dark Star and Active.

Mclibel Case and AR

The Mclibel Case and Animal Rights

A detailed discussion of Dave Morris and Helen Steel’s “McLibel” case (longest in the history of the English court system), in relation to the rights of animals, cruel common farming practices, its unique legal context, and the impact of the holding on animal law in general.  Printed, collated and stapled by Active volunteers. Cover price £1.

Misery of Islam

The Misery of Islam, by Al-Djouhall

A critique of Islam—from an Islamic country—from a situationist standpoint. Printed, collated and stapled by Active volunteers.

Punk Anarchisms

The ‘punk anarchisms’ of Class War and CrimethInc., Sheena P. Rocker and Rudolf Ramón

Punk and anarchism have been significantly intertwined for more than 40 years. From ‘early punk’s shock tactic invocation of anarchy,1 a deeper relationship quickly developed, and this interrelationship has been evident in punk’s continued development and global spread. While this genealogical link to their ‘early punk’ forebears remains vital, contemporary punk scenes defy many of the wider stereotypical assumptions conjured by ‘punk’,2 not least in the influence of anarchism on the punk scene, as evident in DIY production practices and in the imagery and lyrics of punk bands” An academic analysis of the nature of different strands of anarcho-punk. An A5 pamphlet. Cover price £1.50. Printed in Croatia.

TV Times

TV Times: A Seven Day Guide to Killing Your TV

Reprint of the classic anti-TV essay originally done by ISD of Oxford. Rich in illustrations, this critique will give you so many reasons to turn it off. A wonder if the same goes for your smart phone/tablet/laptop…..! Printed, collated and stapled by Active volunteers. Cover price £1.

Up Against Wall Mo Fo

Up Against the Wall Motherfucker

” Black Mask finally transformed themselves into a totally dedicated underground revolutionary group, a number of whose members have been imprisoned for their activities. This edition has posters, manifestos, rants and blasts from UATWM 1967-89. ” Sadly we do not have the files for this and so it went out of print long ago.

Viva Voce

Some thoughts on women’s health and sexuality. Printed, collated and stapled by Active volunteers. No longer available.

We Want Something

We Want Something More

We Want Something More is an extended essay about punk lyrics. and the Poetry of Punk Rock by Gerfried Ambrosch. Printed, collated and stapled by Active volunteers. Cover price £1.50

Work Com Pol War

Work Community Politics War

A 28-page comic book introduction to the world as we know it and a class war manifesto written by the Worker prole folk. Adjusted (we deleted some black lines to save ink usage) and reprinted as an A5 pamphlet by us!

20 Reasons to

20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity

A collection of the most outstanding misery-producing and socially destructive qualities of Christianity in one handy pamphlet. Originally a See Sharpe Pamphlet now republished by Active.