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ABC's of Anarchy

ABC’s of Anarchy

It’s Alphabetic Anarchy! The only ABCs of anarchy book suitable for children of all ages. This is a benefit production for the London based Rebel City magazine. It was printed offset-litho in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-58-8 Cover Price £6


Advertising Shits In Your Head

Advertising Shits In Your Head combines theory and practice in one short book about the modern subvertising movement. This is one of our co-publications with Dog Section Press. This is the third pressing and was printed offset-litho in Croatia. (Currently Out of Print, there is a PM Press version available)


Against History, Against Leviathen! by Fredy Perlman

Against His-Story, Against Leviathan! is a 1983 book by Fredy Perlman, for which he is best known. It is a personal critical perspective on contemporary civilization and society. Printed in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-31-1 Cover Price £6


Against History, Against Leviathen! by Fredy Perlman,  Hardback Edition

Against His-Story, Against Leviathan! is a 1983 book by Fredy Perlman, for which he is best known. It is a personal critical perspective on contemporary civilization and society. This is the limited edition hardback version. Printed in Croatia.  ISBN 978-1-909798-31-1 Cover Price £8

Anarchism and Other essays by Emma Goldman

An Emma Goldman collection from Active and Sto citas. This is the third pressing and was printed offset-litho in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-37-3 Cover Price £5

Anarchism in North East England 1882 -1992

An indepth study of the activities of anarchists in the Tyneside area of the UK over the last 130 years or so. This is the first pressing and was printed offset-litho in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-90-8 Cover Price £9

 Anarchy Works by Peter Gelderloos

Subtitled “Examples of Anarchist Ideas in Practice”, the ‘Active’ edition of this engaging work, now in its fifth pressing. Printed offset-litho in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-05-2 Cover Price £6

Angry Brigade

Angry Brigade, Documents and Chronology

A new reprint of this “classic’ from Elephant Editions and Active this time in black! An A5 pocket book. A co-publication with Elephant Editions. Cover price £2


Another Dinner is Possible!

More than just a vegan cookbook! ANOTHER DINNER IS POSSIBLE is a unique two in one cook book and guidebook featuring over 250 recipes for food that’s simple but full of flavour. This is the third version we have printed the first was printed at Calverts Coop in London, the second in the US as a co-publish with AK Press and this new hardback version is printed in Croatia.  ISBN 978-1-909798-40-3  Cover Price £14

Bang Up

Bang-up and Smash by Asbo

Bang-up and Smash is an overview of women’s prisons in the UK and a political analysis of their physical and ideological construction.. Printed in Croatia. Cover price £6. We also did a limited edition with a hardback cover ISBN 978-1-909798-48-9 Cover  Price £7

Bang-up and Smash 2 by Asbo

Bang-up and Smash 2 is an updated, 2022, and improved version of the first edition which is an overview of women’s prisons in the UK and a political analysis of their physical and ideological construction.  Printed in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-48-9 Cover  Price £7

Bolshevik Myth

The Bolshevik Myth by Alexander Berkman

Beckman’s Diary from 1920 to 1922 including the text known as The Anti-Climax. With a new introduction by Mikhail Tsovma. Printed in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-42-7 Cover Price £5

BW 2019

The Bottled Wasp Dairy 2013/14/15 /16/17/18/19

The radical diary for the UK and Europe! The Bottled Wasp diary is a benefit project for Brighton ABC who’s members are responsible for its construction. The 2019 edition theme is Anarchists and has loads of dates and information about Anarchists you have and have never heard of! This will probably be the last Bottled Wasp get it whilst you can. Cover art by Donald Rooum. Printed in Croatia .  ISBN 978-1-909798-55-7 Cover Price £5


By Theft And Murder: A…

Ted Curtis delivers a powerful inditement of the Israel security forces and their political masters from his experiences of an international observer. Ted has a accessible style that can make even the most terrible situations humourous yet still serious. Recommended

Chav Solidarity by D.Hunter

This collection of essay’s pick apart the lived experiences of its author. Hunter uses his experiences as child sex worker, teenage crack addict, violent thug and community activist to examine the ways in which our classed experiences shape the ways in which we think and do our politics.  The author likes to give free copies to prisoners and others without the means to buy them so the cover price reflects this “benefit”. Printed offset-litho in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-78926-890-4 Cover Price £10

Conserve and Control by O.Lieffe

The year is 2118. The forest, ravaged by climate change and the State, is now a protected nature reserve. The City is led by trans politicians and queer executives. Organic products are ubiquitous and sustainable technologies dominate.  But appearances can be deceiving.  Two ecology research partners with a tangled romance must defend the forest against a new wave of eco-developments. A rich conservation industry businessman and his underpaid guard venture into bold, kinky territory.  Co-opted and dispersed, the Resistance asks the difficult questions. What are we really sustaining and who gets left behind? Power takes many forms. So does resistance. Otter’s novels can be read as a trilogy, in any order, or as stand-alone stories. Printed offset-litho in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798977 Cover Price £10


Crass Reflections

Crass Reflections by Alastair Gordon

Crass Reflections revisits, revises and extends the text of Throwing the Punk Rock Baby and comes with a lengthy new scene-setting introduction by Gordon. The book has been designed by Russ Bestley, and includes a Foreword by Crass’s Penny Rimbaud. Printed in Croatia.  ISBN 978-1-909798-22-9 Cover.  Price £4.84

Desert by Anonymous

A new print of the original UK text that was described thus… A text that plays significantly on the invisible committee’s concept of desert and also desertion, this is a gloves-off assault on optimism and the hope of saving the world. It asks the question “what does it mean to be an anarchist, or an environmentalist, when the goal is no longer working toward a global revolution and social/ecological sustainability?” In some ways, this is the equivalent of Nihilist Communism for a green anarchist audience. Printed in Croatia.  ISBN 978-1-909798-72-4  Cover Price £4


Dignity by O.Lieffe

The near future is a militarised state, a fractured continent, and a world in which fascism is resurging following pandemics and climate devastation. Against this grim backdrop, the characters of Dignity form a deeply diverse resistance movement that brings connection, strength and hope to those who need it most. Survival is an act of resistance. Otter’s novels can be read as a trilogy, in any order, or as stand-alone stories. Printed offset-litho in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798960 Cover Price £10

Durruti 1896 - 1936

Durruti 1896 – 1936

A gorgeous hard back photographic story go Durrutti’s life and his role in the Spanish Civil War. The first edition was copublished by five different publishers from different European countries. Active was the UK contributor. The book was put together by the wonderful L’insomniaque from France. No longer available.

Eat like it Matters copy

Eat Like it Matters by Isy Morgenmuffel

Eat Like It Matters is full of information but also encourages us to stop stressing and giving each other a hard time about food and instead build a better food culture together. An A6 pocket book. ISBN 978-1-909798-40-3 Cover Price £5

Ego and Own

The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner

Described as the most radical book ever, The Ego And Its Own challenges thousands of years of religious, philosophical, and political depreciation of the individual. Printed in Croatia. Limited hardback edition cover price £7  ISBN 978-1-909798-26-7 Cover Price £6


Emma Goldman’s Living My Life, 3 Volume set

Emma Goldman Living My Life in 3 Volumes. Emma’s autobiography is a great read and essential for all interested in anarchism, This is our third printing of this work. Volume 1 ISBN 978-1-909798-17-5, Volume 2 ISBN 978-1-909798-18-2, Volume 3 ISBN 978-1-909798-19-9. The cover price is now £6 each 


The End of Anarchism by Galliani

Described by Errico Malatesta as  “a lucid statement of the ever present problems of anarchism in relation to the would-be revolutionary movements”. This is a co-publication with Elephant Editions. Printed in Croatia. Cover price £5. Out of Print now.


The Failure of Nonviolence

From the Arab Spring to the plaza occupation movement in Spain, the student movement in the UK and Occupy in the US, many new social movements have started peacefully, only to adopt a diversity of tactics as they grew in strength and collective experiences. This is Peter Gelderloos’s latest offering on a topic he covered in his How Nonviolence Protects the State  published a few years ago. This version was printed offset-litho in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-03-8   Cover Price £6

Faultline by Lisa Fannen

Lisa Fannen is a vital, new voice in British poetry, with the courage to stand where the tectonic plates of internal and external forces collide. Faultline is richly diverse, with poems drawing on acute observation and personal experiences in the UK and US (including bereavement and work at a herbal foot clinic on Skid Row), which are interwoven with other important political poems, many meticulously researched and written in response to events of national and global significance, such as the Hillsborough Final Inquest Verdict and the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  Printed offsetlitho in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-59-5 Cover Price £5

Feeding the Masses by Isy Morgenmuffel

A new version of the guide to mass vegan catering by the Anarchist Teapot Mobile Kitchen. An A5 booklet , Printed in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-14-4  Cover Price £4


God and the State, Mikhail Bakunin

This pocket book starts with the essay “A great thinker or a man of action – how did Bakunin shape anarchism in the 19th century?” by Vyvian Raoul and is followed by Bakunin’s best known work the unfinished “God and the State”.  ISBN 978-1-909798-23-6 Cover Price £3

Great Anarchists (Vol 1)

Great Anarchists by Ruth Kinna and Clifford Harper started life as a pamphlet series. We’ve collected all ten essays and illustrations together to make this beautiful book with Dog Section Press. “These short introductions delve into the anarchist canon to recover some of the distinctive ideas that historical anarchists advanced to address problems relevant to their circumstances. Although these contexts were special, many of the issues the anarchists wrestled with still plague our lives. Anarchists developed a body of writing about power, domination, injustice and exploitation, education, prisons and a lot more besides. Honing in on different facets of the anarchist canon is not just an interesting archaeological exercise. The persistence, development and adaptation of anarchist traditions depends on our surveying the historical landscape of ideas and drawing on the resources it contains. The theoretical toolbox that this small assortment of anarchists helped to construct is there to use, amend and adapt.”. Printed by Calverts Co-op  Press, London  ISBN 978-1-916036567 Cover Price £6

Herbal Yearbook (The).

The Herbal Year Book …. is a guide through the calendar year which will deepen your connection to the edicinal herbs that grow around you, both in the wild or in the garden, and teach you about medicines that you can make with them. A beautifully compiled collection of illustrations, recipes and herbal wisdom with a handy monthly guide to what you can harvest, The Herbal Year Book will become your trusty companion. It is UK centred and produced as a benefit for its authors Herbalists Without Borders. 184 pages. ISBN 9781914567179 £12 


How Nonviolence Protects The State

” In a call bound to stir controversy and lively debate, Peter Gelderloos invites activists to consider diverse tactics, passionately arguing that exclusive nonviolence often acts to reinforce the same structures of oppression that activists seek to overthrow.” The first European pressing of this much discussed book we have borrowed the new 2018 Detritus Books layout of this book. Printed in Croatia.  ISBN 978-1-909798-57-1 Cover Price £6

Interviews with Radical Palestinian Women

Put together by the SHOAL collective and copublished by them and Active. Ten radical Palestinian women spoke to the authors between 2018-2021. Listening to their voices will help people outside of Palestine better understand them as allies in our global struggles for freedom. Printed in Croatia.  ISBN 978-1-914567-08-7 Cover Price £6



Jacob by Bernard Thomas

The amazing story of illegalist Alexander Marius Jacob. This is the most complete English translation of the story of Marius Jacob available. A co-publication with Elephant Editions.  Printed in Croatia, ISBN 978-1-909798-15-1 Cover Price £6


Last of the Hippies

The Last of the Hippies by Penny Rimbaud.

An updated pocket book size version of this seminal anarcho-punk essay by Crass drummer and writer Penny. Printed in  Croatia. £1.50 cover price.

 The Machine and its Discontents, A Fredy Perlman Anthology

A long overdue anthology of Fredy Perlman work co-published with Theory and Practice. This collection includes the best and most relevant of Perlman’s work and came with the blessing of and indeed help from Lorraine Perlman. Titled “The Machine and its Discontents” the book includes most of the essays that have for some time only been available as pamphlets.  A limited number of Hardback versions are available. Printed offset litho in Croatia.  ISBN 978-0-9956609-7-7 Cover Price £7

Margins and Murmurations by Otter Lieffe

This is the story of Ash, a trans woman and healer living in a corner of Europe controlled by a militarised state in the near future! The second printing we have done of this book. ISBN 978-1-909798-98-4 Printed in Croatia. Cover price £10

My Disillusionment in Russia

My Disillusionment in Russia by Emma Goldman

Emma’s classic account of what went wrong with the communist revolution in Russia with a new introduction by Mikhail Tsovma. Printed in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-41-0 Cover Price £6

Nietzsche and A

Nietzsche and Anarchy by Shahin

Psychology for free spirits, ontology for social war.  An introduction to Nietzsche and how his ideas relate to anarchism. A co-publication with Elephant Editions. Printed in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-32-8 Cover Price £5

NO Against Adults S

No! Against Adult Supremacy

A collection of articles and artwork from the zine of the same name, No! Against Adult Supremacy covering all kinds of subjects. One of our co-publications with Dog Section Press. Printed in Croatia.  ISBN 978-0-993543-53-1  Re-published July 2021 Cover Price £8

Overcoming Burnout by Nicole Rose

Organising with others for human, animal and earth liberation can be one of the most empowering experiences alive. Yet frontline resistance comes with risks to our physical and emotional health that can lead many people to burn out and abandon social movements altogether. This book is about overcoming burnout, linking the author’s journey of recovery with wider systemic forces such as classism, sexism and power dynamics in groups, poverty, chronic illness and ableism, as well as grief and trauma from prison and state repression. It is a call for models of mutual aid and collective care. Simultaneously deeply personal and acutely political, for anyone involved in grassroots organising, it is a must read. 140 pages. 2nd Pressing 2020.  Printed in Croatia.  ISBN 978-1-909798-69-4 Cover Price £5

A Primer on Anarchist Geography by Simon Springer

From Neoliberal Damnation to Total Liberation”, a large collection of Simon Springer’s writings. This is the first pressing and was printed offset-litho in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-89-2 Cover Price £10

The Prisoner’s Herbal by Nicole Rose

This book has been put together to create a resource for prisoners who would like to learn more about plants growing in prison courtyards. It will be distributed to prisoners around the world via supportive individuals and solidarity projects. It contains detailed descriptions of plants, their medicinal and edible uses, how to use them and what health challenges they can support. There is also a section on how to use items that can be bought on canteen for health uses, such as salt, pepper, chilli powder and more. Printed offset litho in Croatia. 82 pages ISBN 978-1909798-71-7 Cover Price £5

The Primal Screamer by Nick Blinko

This is the latest version of this anarchist punk ride through the mental health system of the UK. This “simple” version is how the author asked us if we could publish his book many years ago. Having recently re-established contact with Nick we put the project in to action. This book has no name, title or any identifying information, the cover is blank! We must be mad!  Printed offset litho in Croatia. 100 pages ISBN None! Cover Price None!

Punk Matters by Gerfried. Ambrosch

Punk Matters is  acollection of interviews with punk artisits and activists, conducted between 2011 and 2017 with an introduction and analysis of the genesis and politics of punk. Printed offset litho in Croatia.  ISBN 978-1-909798-61-8 Cover Price £7

Russian Counter

The Russian Counter Revolution

A pocket book description of the attacks by the Bolshevik state against the revolutionaries and people of Russia and a look at the anarchists of the time.  ISBN 978-1-909798-54-0 Cover Price £6

Smash The System, Punk anarchism as a Culture of Resistance.

434 pages of essays from all over the world about how anarchist punk has influenced and inspired resistance in many varied struggles. Punk and anarchism have been intertwined since punk first blasted into the public consciousness some 45 years ago, and, while the relationship is complicated (and not ubiquitous), anarchism has been identified as punk’s ‘primary political companion’ But, close investigation of the connections between anarchism and punk has been scant – it’s either taken-for-granted, lurks in the background of other topics of analysis, or is ignored completely. We’re going to change that, with the publication of four books about various aspects of the punk/anarchism relationship, this is the first!  Printed in Croatia, Oct 2022 ISBN 9781914567131 £7

Soy not Oi 2

Soy Not Oi 2

Soy Not Oi 2 was a project to celebrate the 25th year of the infamous Soy Not Oi Cookbook and to pay tribute to Joel Olson who passed in 2012. Printed in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-13-7 Cover Price £8  Out of Print

Tales from the Punkside

Tales From The Punkside

An eclectic collection of academic articles, personal recollections, short stories, artwork, poetry and more. An anthology of work about Punk. Printed in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-07-6 Cover Price £5

Tame Words

Tame Words From a Wild Heart

The first collection of Jean ‘Elephant Editions’ Weir’s writings. An A5 book. Printed in Croatia. ISBN 978-1-909798-16-8 Cover Price £3


Threads, feminist health, politics & experiences

Threads combines quotes, excerpts, writings, personal stories and images to explore different experiences of the menstrual cycle and to take a critical look at how western medicine defines women’s bodies and experiences. Printed in Croatia.  ISBN 978-1-909798-08-3 Cover Price £5

Total Liberation by Anonymous

Total Liberation sets out an insurrectional project that draws its strength from social ecology, deep ecology, and anti-speciesism. Casting aside outdated methods, it proposes a holistic, multiform struggle fought in defence of all forms of life – humans, animals, and the earth. A new revolutionary manifesto for the 21st century. Printed in Croatia.  ISBN 978-1-909798-68-7 Cover Price £4

Warp and Weft by Lisa Fannen

Psycho-emotional health, politics and experiences. ‘Mental health’ / Moving beyond. Deconstructing psychiatry, Decolonizing ‘global mental health’, Reforming Trauma, The Politics of Experience. It sounds a bit heavy but this is a really interesting read. 438 pages. Printed in Croatia.  ISBN 978-1-914567-00-1 Cover Price £10

Zapata of Mex

Zapata of Mexico

Written by Peter Newell. We republished this with Freedom Press because this is the best book I have come across about Zapata.


Zounds Demyst

Zounds Demystified

Subtitled “Lyrics and Notes” this is effectively the story of Zounds and the times that spawned them by Steve Lake the lyricist and “main man” of the band! We didn’t think much of the cover artwork so we made a garish punk rock version and then a second one and added a reversible dust jacket to this book so you now have the choice of three covers!  ISBN 978-1-909798-01-4 Cover Price £5