Herbs, love songs and Jesus!

There are only a couple of new titles so far this month but hopefully some of our most exciting titles ever will be ready to print later this month! In the meantime we have just released The Herbal Yearbook from the Bristol group Herbalists Without Borders. Its 184 pages of info, advice, pictures, recipes and everything you could possibly want to know about DIY Herbalism. It is UK based but still of use and interest to all. The book has a £12 cover price as it is the new main source of income for the group and we encourage you to buy it direct from them whenever possible.

Heathcote Williams wrote some fine poetry (!) about whales and cars that made a serious impression on my younger 1980’s self and yet one of his works was never finished or published. This was The Anarchist Jesus a secular appreciation of the anarchist politics of the character known as Jesus. No, I’ve not lost my marbles, read it and then see what you think! It’s an A6 pocket book with a £3 cover price.

There is an anarchist group in Romania that I have started working with and This is not a Love Song is the first of their pamphlets that we have published. It’s a look at the anarchist feminist movement that rose up in Romania afer the fall of communism. It’s a slim pocket pamphlet priced at £1.50.