New titles and reprints for the New Year.

There are 11 titles fress from the printers currently on pallets crossing Europe on their way to our Active Distribution outlets and AK Press. They should be available from the 1st of January 2022 if not before.

Seven new pocket books include reprints in a smaller form of Defending Veganism, Defending Animal Rights and the ever popular Witches and Midwives and Nurses. The Boy Scouts Guide to the Situationist International; Paris and London 1968 by Tom Vague was one of our A5 self printed pamphlets we last published in 2008, its back in pocket book mode. Society Without The State by Ronald Sampson was last published by Housmans and the PPU in 1980 and has become a bit of a collectors item. Now in A6 pocket book form this is a passionate 1960’s text arguing the case for anarchism and pacifism, undoubtedly dated but it’s also a powerful and prescient work.

We continue the re-issuing of Dysophia pamphlets with their discussion document Anarchy and Polyamory also in pocketbook size. Biocentric Anarchy is another discussion text that was distributed free by the author a few years ago and has been much copied since. In the spirit of that idea we have reissued the text at a £1 cover price from which if we are lucky we might just cover our costs.

New from Active is a text by a young London based author who wants to question the nature of our relationship with pets from the perspective of anti-speciesm. The full title is “Radical Companionship, Rejecting Pethood and Embracing our Multispecies World by Aiyana”. It’s a challenging work, one that we are pleased to publish.