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The Active Distribution Discography.


Active 1, Dirt, Black and White,  2CD

A 57 track double CD discography of the legendary early UK anarcho punk band. This was a co-release between the band (Gary), Skuld Releases and Active. Unfortunately we let Skuld have control of the production and they didn’t want to keep the CD available as they are record collectors!

No longer available.

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Active 2, Zounds, This Land, MCD

Steve Lake of Zounds asked me how he could help with the Mclibel Campaign. The result was two of the best benefit gigs I ever organised at Chats Palace that raised about £600 for the campaign and then the release of the this benefit record and subsequently the reformation of the band!

No longer available. More info at Discogs.


Active 3, Crass, Christ The Bootleg, CD

Recorded live on 5/2/84 during Crass’ last tour.This CD was a UK reissue -with permission from the band- of the Allied recordings CD that was itself a reissue of a Vinyl-only LP released in 1989. It was also a benefit for the McLibel campaign in order to help them to continue the fight against McDonalds.

No longer available. More info at Discogs.


Active 4, Tromatism, Une Saison En Enfer, LP

Great LP from the descendants of the mighty Berurier Noir, Tromatism similarly put on a “show” rather than just a concert. The band did not want to do this on a CD format, but since we have some of the booklets left over and have not been able to contact them for some time we now do a CDR of this release with the booklet.

LP No longer available. More info at Discogs.

Active 4.5, Submission Hold, Progress, CD

A discography CD from the Canadian experimental H/C crew of their earlier 7″ releases. Came with a sticker and 32 page booklet with lyrics in English, French, & German.

No longer available. More info at Discogs.

Active 5, Harum Scarum, Suppose We Try, CD

The second full length release from this Portland USA based group of women.They lost their raucus crusty vocalist and the band became a far more enjoyable three piece playing powerful anarcho punk with a strong feminine twist. A split release with the band´s Hex records.

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Active 6, The Restarts, Slumworld, CD

Released on May 1st, 2002, The Restarts first full length CD/ LP (16 songs), contains digitally remastered versions of Legacy of Bigotry and Your World eps. Also included are the popular cover versions of ABBA’s Does Your Mother Know and Harry Mclintock’s Big Rock Candy Mountain.

No longer available.     More info at Discogs.

Active 7, The Restarts, System Error, CD

A little more H/C punk than Slumworld, but it’s smart punk rock you can’t ignore! .

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Active 8, The Profits, Discography CD

No Longer availableMore info at Discogs.


Active 8.5,  Zegota, Reclaim Cd

Their third LP, Reclaim!, whose sound marked a step away from hardcore punk towards post-hardcore! Released in 2004 by Crimethinc and the band with financial aid from Active,

we forgot (again) to assign a catalogue number!

Active 9, The Restarts, “Actively Seeking Work” Discography, CD

The early Restarts 7″s collected on to one disc and packaged in “our” unique card box cover format.

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Active 10, Active Minds, It is Perfectly Obvious that this System Doesn’t Work, CD

The first CD from the infamous UK H/C punk duo. These two long hairs have been releasing and distributing records since the 1986!!! That makes them even older than us!! Anyway after leading the fight against digital compact discs in favour of thir cherished vinyl we have persuaded them that CD’s are ok after all! So here are 13 new tracks inc one magnus opus. The booklet includes all the lyrics and some class artwork pixelation.

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Active 11, Zounds, The Curse of Zounds Discography, CD

Mastered for the first time! “Political punk ’80s reissue. ZOUNDS were a giant influence in mid ’80s political punk right up there with CRASS, SUBHUMANS, Poison Girls, etc. Musically they were more tuneful around the edges than say CRASS but they were still punk and had the same political, anarchist message. This includes the LP and the singles and the booklet has all their lyrics.

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Active 12, S.O.R.B. Germ Attack, CD

A co-release between the band SORB and Active! Sorb played old style punk rock with gruff political vocals. They operated for about 17 years and then promptly split up as soon as we’d released this with them!! Short but not sweet.

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Active 13, Refuse All, Have a  Happy Holiday in Guantanamo Bay, CD

The first CD from this off shoot of Riot Clone and SORB, True old style UK Anarcho punk.

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Active 14a, Filthgevitter, split CD

A split CD of Filthpact and Atomgevitter, co released by a bunch of fools including us!  Krogh said “Filthpact are still doing their ENT and Doom styled hardcore albeit not being as dark as those bands but more on the sharp side of things when it comes to the sound. Some grinding parts and some thrashier elements added to the formula makes this pretty fucking raging While Filthpact add some thrash, that’s what Atomgevitter is all about – raging thrash! I was not very convinced by their material on their earlier split, but this time around I don’t need a lot of convincing as the material speaks for itself. Rapid drumming, manic shouting, sharp and intense guitars, and while the bass didn’t really make an appearance before it sure does its job now.”

Active 14b, Contempt, Who Needs Diplomacy?  CD

Full length Cd from this bunch of Brum anarcho street punx, think of GBH with brains!

No Longer available  More info at Discogs.


Active 15, Cross Stitched Eyes, II.  CD

This is what CSE say of themselves; “ formed end of summer 2005; the year of no lord; in a cold and wet pale white room with red plastic laminated floor, that looked more like a psychiatry than a practise room.  Hence the putrid morbit aura of this surrounding, the idea was set to bring together the elements of old 80’ties Death Rock and Anarcho Punk heavy inspired by such old Bands as RUDIMENTARY PENI, AMEBIX to cross with KILLING JOKE and JOY DIVISION.  We consist of people from far away countries of all directions with Members related to ZYGOTE, UK SUBS, ENEMIES, ANGER OF BACTERIA, SUBHUMANS etc. “ We say that this rocks, think Peni with crusty overtones and Killing Joke production! It comes in another unique card cover with poster.

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Active 16, Virus, Unacceptable Noise Levels, CD

This could be considered a Discography Cd of all that Virus never properly recorded back between 1983 and ’86 plus some new stuff! So how about that for spanning the ages of anarcho-punk rock!? Often described as a mix between the Subhumans, Amebix, and Flux of Pink Indians Virus have that raw angry sound , not afraid to be slow like the Mob they will sit perfectly on your shelf alongside Alternative and Omega Tribe. Virus have returned though, thankfully not lured by the plastic punk festivities of HITS or the so called Rebellion but just a mid life desire to shout something out loud against what is still fucked up and wrong with this world….. good luck to them. Put a friendly Virus in your machine……

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Active 17, Left for Dead, Humanity, CD

Still one of the best releases we’ve done. This fuses the sounds of Motorhead and Poison Idea with the politics of The Dead Kennedys and The Restarts.

Active 18, Refuse All, What Lurks Below  CD

Cd from the old school UK anarcho punks.

Active 19, Active Slaughter, 4T2UDE, CD

The only full length release from these animal rights activist – anarcho punx. Described as “more Conflict than Conflict” this is raw angry political punk.

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Active 20, Liberty,  Just Talking Reality. CD

The first full length release from these old UK anarcho punx for 20 years!

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Active 21, Condition Dead, Famous for Fuck All, CD

This uncompromising band includes Alex of SORB, Refuse ALL, and others.

Active 22, Moral Dilemma,  The Right to Remain Silent, CD

A repress (with improved booklet) of this great first release from Moral Dilemma

Active 23, Kismet HC, Songs of Strife, CD

UK political hard core with dual male/female vocals.

Active 24,  Left for Dead, Mass Media Distortion,  CD

Mass Media Distortion, another blistering release from the South Coast punx but with guest vocals on four tracks from Magali of La Fraction. This digipack is also memorable for great artwork painted – yes painted! – by Ed of Last Hours

Active 25, Culture Shock, Everything, Box Set CD

A three CD box set and 60 page booklet bespoke CD discography package of the UK anarcho dub ska crew that came between The Subhumans and Citizen Fish and reformed for a tour in 2013!

Active 26, Citizen Fish, Dancing on Spikes, MCD

6 track CD from the ska punk legends released by us and them!

Active 27, Virus, Virulence, CD

‘Virulence’ is a 17 track CD that features new material, some of which is of a more personal level but Virus still remember their roots and sing about the political system, nuclear issues, religion, animal rights, the royal family and punk sellouts.

Active 28, Active Minds, Turn Back the Tide of Bigotry, CD

16 Track CD comes with an A5 zine style lyric booklet (printed by Active) inside a dedicated envelope cover with a sticker!

Active 29, Proletariat Punch, Signs of Civilisation, CD

25 tracks that range from US political hardcore like Nausea to UK dup punk a la Culture Shock. Several tracks could be taken direct form seminal anarcho punk Lp’s such a No Love Lost by Omega Tribe, or Pictures of Starving Children by Chumbawamba or indeed Crucifucks (without the demented voice), MDC or Feederz. This took us along time to put together but its well worth the wait.

Probably the best thing we’ve done in a long time!

Active 30, Autonomads, One Day all this will be gone CD

As yet unreleased second full length LP from the Manchester based anarcho squatter dub punx!

Active 31 Autonomads, No Mans Land, CD

Reissue of this wonderful radical dub punk release from Manchester.

(Again we forgot to assign a catalogue number at the time!)

Active 32 , Global Parasite / Dead Subverts,

Vs. The Predatory Pathocracy, split CD,

More wonderful fast political punk from Global Parasite and Dead Subverts, there is hope!

(Again we forgot to assign a catalogue number at the time!)

Active 33 , Inner Terrestrials, I.T., CD,

Joint repress of the best of the Terrestrials releases. Political dub punk from South London.

(Again we forgot to assign a catalogue number at the time!)

Active 34, Spanner, Crisis, CD

13 new tracks from this ultra political ska crew based in Bristol. Lots of samples and angry guitar riffs mixed with danceable tunes and revolutionary lyrics. Good stuff. A split release with Maloka, Mass Production and Pumpkin Records.

(Again we forgot to assign a catalogue number at the time!)


Active 35, Left For Dead, Why the Caged Bird Sings, CD

Left for Dead return with Why the Caged Bird Sings an 11 track CD released by us and them. This one features the wonderful vocals of Magali from La Fraction and also Jenny from Inner Conflict and the bass and backing vocals of Kieran from The Restarts. You know its gonna be good, and it is! As some bright spark said “sounds like a punk Motorhead”, what more could one ask for? Motorhead with good politics! Our penultimate release

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