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September 18, 2014

New stock comes in all the time, sometimes we have time to mention it here!


Isy’s latest and last Morgenmuffel zine has just been printed and collated by Active. It’s a must.

the new Autonomads album is in!

Special edition Zounds Demystified Book reverseable Dust Jacket now available!


These new stickers and others are in;

We’ve just added some more of our badge designs, many more to come but it takes so long to put them up! Still I guess that’s what holidays from werk are for… :(



Ultra leftie best seller! Endnotes have just released issue three and this one is in black (the cover colour is way more important than all that heavy intellectual stuff inside, don’tcha know) get them from Active or if you are in London pick it up from the Blackcat Bookshop.

1500 copies of our latest book arrived three days after the biggest anarchist bookfair in Europe had happened! Nevermind it’s now available mailorder from us and all bad anarchist distro’s!





IT’S BACK! the 2014 Bottled Wasp Diary is here!. Please get in contact with us asap if you’re interested in wholesale copies. Or come and buy one at a discounted rate at the London Anarchist Bookfair.

The third issue of the ever so slightly hippy Live a Better Life magazine has arrived at Active Towers!

The Active sticker machine grinds in to action once more with a slew of new designs including the one below.

unless its the class war!

Gorsky Press is an independent book publisher based out of Los Angeles, California.  They were founded in 1999, and have published twenty or so books as well as publishing the punk rock zine Razorcake.  Their  books run the gamut from poetry, novels, short story collections, and ‘zine collections. We have brought in a few of all their titles.


Ardent Press and Little Black Cart distribution are the home of individualist and anti-civilisation literature much of which we are bringing over to Europe. Just arrived is the new work from Bob Black, titled  Defacing the Currency that amongst other things includes another one of Black’s infamous attacks on other radicals, this time Noam Chomsky!!

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