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July 15, 2016

The Anarchist Library is an amazing online repository of interesting literature.

Anarchist Library


We here at the Bottled Wasp would like to thank everyone who has supported us in the last few years by buying the diary, recommending it to friends and other contacts, and even selling the diary itself. The 2015 edition is selling well and we should have a breakdown of sales and monies raised by the 2013 and 2014 Wasp up on the Brighton Anarchist Black Cross website  soon.

For the next version of the Diary we are offering people a chance to contribute directly to its creation by contributing to the researching of the 2016 subject, tentatively labelled ‘Insurrection, Revolt and Revolution’ [IR&R] – what Yves Fremion called the ‘Orgasms of History’… when Joe and Josephine Public decide that they have had enough… enough of lying politicians (or even just politicians full stop!); enough of kings and queens, of gods and dictators, of rulers and leaders of all shades of opinion; enough of oppresion and injustice, of ignorance and mendacity; so they can grasp even a fleeting moment of freedom as the yoke of fear is thrown off.

So, what we are asking is suggestions for potential areas of research as well as specific dates of events, and birth and death dates of significant individuals involved in said events, together with sources [webpages being the easiest – saves having to search for the relevants hard copies/books].

We have a wiki up and running and dedicated IR&R pages  which people can refer to – and even contribute directly to if so inclined. Otherwise, contributions can be sent to us at thebottledwasp@riseup.net and we can enter your information onto the wiki ourselves.

The wiki itself has been built up over the past couple of years from a diverse set of sources and we hope to turn it into a more comprehensive and more easily accesible internet resource, initially via the Brighton ABC website  and later via its own website… all this when we have a little spare time. Also, given that the notion of the paper diary – even when it takes the form of an illustrated almanac as the Bottled Wasp does – is rapidly becoming something of an anachronism, we are researching the idea of producing a Bottled Wasp smart phone app at some point in the near future. So, if you or someone you know, has the technical know-how in this filed and would like to help us out, please get in touch.

We made it in to an archive of


Pussy Riot released from prison :)

For those of you too young to remember the early 1980’s you may wonder why all anarcho punk records from those times seem to be obsessed with black and white images of nuclear holocaust. This radio play called Winter Exercise might help explain! There’s also this which might be of interest.


Bottled Wasp launch party.
Bottled Wasp cover artist Stik launches the 2014 Diary in New York City. The artwork is part of a series which includes Stik’s 10 metre site specific mural a stone’s throw away dubbed ‘Liberty’ by locals which looks over Thompkins Square, the centre of New York’s counter-culture for over a century.
Stik has been creating political pieces in London streets illegally for over a decade and has produced protest banners and fundraising artwork for groups such as Queeruption, Bhopal Medical Appeal and Pogo Café and has been commissioned by animal rights activist and guitarist Brian May. He spent many years homeless and his deceptively simple figurative work has come to represent the vulnerability of the human within the urban environment.
437 East 9th Street and Avenue A, New York.

If you live or are passing through the Midlands, there’s a new radical bookshop in Nottingham!

Russel Brand and Jeremy Paxman on democracy

Here we will post items and website links we find of interest and hope you might too. Either click on the highlighted links or on the image itself.


Active workers are currently helping a new vegan cafe open up in Hackney in the same space as the legendary Pogo Cafe was. look out for its opening night!

Here’s a piece of writing by a friend of ours in an online magazine called Shatter the Looking Glass.

Here’s the online musing of one of the Active volunteers, Esceulus (not sure where he gets the time!)

Here’s another tumblr page full of Anarchist Art.